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Leeway is a phenomenal, innovative and easy-to-use tool to manage contracts with very powerful features. The team is great and provided support and training during the implementation.

Jordan Zaluski
Head of Legal & Compliance @ Lovys

Using Leeway changed my way to approach legal topics, and some features such as the reminders or the workflows are a significant time and energy saver.

Raphael Vullierme
CEO @ Luko

Awesome! Highly recommended. It's so easy to use and the onboarding was perfect! It's so easy to collaborate, draft versions and send proposals to partners.

Quentin Le Gall
Partnerships @ Shine

We switched to Leeway for its easy-to-implement tool, which we deployed to the legal and sales teams to streamline our contract drafting and negotiation processes.

Florence Rivat
Head of Legal @ Evaneos

Leeway helps us optimize our contract management process with its user-friendly platform and a dynamic team, attentive to our needs and questions.

Thomas Bellaiche
Legal Counsel @ Yubo

Leeway provides great support in the implementation of the solution, which is very easy and allows the adoption of the product by all the teams.

David Grimbert
Chief Financial Officer @ Cheerz

Leeway allows us to reliably centralize our contracts and promote collaboration between teams with a comprehensive and easy to use interface!

Elisa Monnin
Legal Officer @ Mangopay

I really appreciate being able to receive all the contract requests from my operational staff via a single channel, with all the main information I need right there from the start.

Anne-Sophie Cagnard
Head of Legal @ Station F

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All about HR contracts

Hiring employees is a crucial step in the life of a company. It's important not to make any mistakes, both in terms of the employees hired and the management of employment contracts, a complex and legally very regulated task.

The administrative management of employment contracts raises many questions: what are the formalities to be respected in order to hire an employee? What documents should be signed? What types of contracts? 

It is not necessary for a company manager to have a master's degree in labor law to set up a quality human resources department. However, it may be useful for certain members of the management team to take a training course on employment contracts.

In any case, it is important to surround yourself with competent team members for HR responsibilities and to acquire the right tools so that the HR department becomes more efficient and fluid while maintaining excellent legal rigor.

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What type of employment contract should I choose?

The range of possible contracts for hiring an employee is wide. There is a suitable type of contract for all the company's needs:

- For a seasonal job or to compensate for a temporary increase in activity, a fixed-term contract or a temporary employment contract is a good idea.

- If the company has a long-term need for personnel, it will be more interesting to hire an employee for an indefinite period.

- The company has a specific need? Apprenticeship contracts can be the solution.  

To choose the type of contract adapted to the situation of the company, it will be necessary to determine the needs of the structure.

The permanent contract 

A permanent contract is a traditional employment contract, adapted to the situation of the company which wants to perpetuate the hiring and whose employee is called to remain in the company several years.

The fixed-term contract 

Does your company need an employee on a one-off basis, for a short period? It can then turn to temporary work, which is really adapted for very short contracts, of a few days, although longer temporary work contracts are available. The advantage: the company does not have to create an employment contract, the entire hiring procedure is handled by the temporary employment agency.  

Does the company have occasional needs that last several weeks or even months? Then a fixed-term contract is the right choice. Replacing an employee on sick leave, maternity leave or carrying out an assignment as part of a seasonal activity, for example, are all cases that correspond to the hiring of a fixed-term employee.

Good to know: the law regulates the use of fixed-term contracts. The company must justify the use of this type of contract.  

Apprenticeship contracts and internships

For the company, working with an apprentice can be an asset both financially and in terms of human resources. The company is responsible for training a young person, offering them the opportunity to learn and build professional experience. It is an employment contract with training.

- An apprentice is considered an employee. They are subject to the labor code and must sign an employment contract before starting their apprenticeship.

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How to ensure good management of employment contracts

The management of employment contracts is done in the human resources department, whose members must have training in labor law and not only the basics of labor law. The skills must be kept up-to-date as labor law is a moving and very technical law. The HR team must ensure several steps to avoid any risk of failure that could be detrimental to the company. 

First, the HR department must ensure that the employment contract is legally correct and contains the necessary clauses and collective agreement. The employment contract must be drawn up and printed in at least two copies, one for the employer and one for the employee. It must be signed by the employee. This signature constitutes acceptance of all the terms of the contract. 

The next step is the establishment of the employment contract. The employee then begins their work period during which both parties can decide to break the contract, without any justification. During the trial period, the employer must put in place the necessary measures to comply with all legal obligations: training, medical, workplace health measures, etc. 

Employment contracts often evolve. The management of employment contracts also concerns all the modifications to be made to the initial agreements, such as contract evolutions or possible amendments, particularly in the case of increases or changes in position.

The last step will be the administrative management of contracts, which is essential in all cases but especially if the company has many employees. It will also be necessary to manage the end of the contracts: resignation, contractual termination, retirement, end of project in the framework of fixed-term contracts, etc.

The management of employment contracts extends from the signing of the document to its end of life for any reason.  

To be fully efficient, the HR team will be equipped with software adapted to its activities, including management tables for employment contracts, contract templates, templates for current letters required in the life of the employment contract, various dashboards on remuneration and training needs, etc. Dematerialization is a real added value in HR services.

Furthermore, the software will be a serious tool to simplify the management of absences and vacations. Thus, depending on the employee and their contract, the software will calculate the number of days of leave still available according to hours worked. 

All information relating to the management of employment contracts is centralized and accessible at any time by the HR department.

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