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Quentin Fouquier
Strategic Account Manager
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Leeway is a phenomenal, innovative and easy-to-use tool to manage contracts with very powerful features. The team is great and provided support and training during the implementation.

Jordan Zaluski
Head of Legal & Compliance @ Lovys

Using Leeway changed my way to approach legal topics, and some features such as the reminders or the workflows are a significant time and energy saver.

Raphael Vullierme
CEO @ Luko

Awesome! Highly recommended. It's so easy to use and the onboarding was perfect! It's so easy to collaborate, draft versions and send proposals to partners.

Quentin Le Gall
Partnerships @ Shine

We switched to Leeway for its easy-to-implement tool, which we deployed to the legal and sales teams to streamline our contract drafting and negotiation processes.

Florence Rivat
Head of Legal @ Evaneos

Leeway helps us optimize our contract management process with its user-friendly platform and a dynamic team, attentive to our needs and questions.

Thomas Bellaiche
Legal Counsel @ Yubo

Leeway provides great support in the implementation of the solution, which is very easy and allows the adoption of the product by all the teams.

David Grimbert
Chief Financial Officer @ Cheerz

Leeway allows us to reliably centralize our contracts and promote collaboration between teams with a comprehensive and easy to use interface!

Elisa Monnin
Legal Officer @ Mangopay

I really appreciate being able to receive all the contract requests from my operational staff via a single channel, with all the main information I need right there from the start.

Anne-Sophie Cagnard
Head of Legal @ Station F

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Why should customer contract templates be centralized?

Commercial contracts are numerous: service contracts, sales contracts, partnership contracts, etc. Sales teams are confronted with several types of situations and each contract must therefore perfectly meet their needs. However, the most common practice, namely duplicating a Word document and copying and pasting, is a source of errors and inaccuracies.

The solution is to centralize a PDF contract template for each category of commercial contract. With templates accessible to all, both lawyers and salespeople, the company ensures the consistency of the documents used.

Moreover, by gathering contractual data in one place when the contract is signed, legal and operational staff can avoid the risks associated with lost information or lack of follow-up.

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How to write customer contracts without errors

The drafting of a customer contract is always a source of tension between the legal department and the sales people in the field. After all, contractual slowness can lead to delays in closing. This is due to the time-consuming tasks involved in drafting a contract: sending information by the salesperson to the lawyer, integrating the elements into the contract, possible validation by a superior above a certain amount and sending it back for signature, etc.

In order to save time, the sales team should be given autonomy. The idea is therefore to centralize examples of standard contracts and to give them access. They will be responsible for filling in the purely operational information such as the customer's name, the description of the product or service provided, the price, etc.

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How is the digitalization of customer contracts a powerful business lever?

Contract management software is ideal for decentralizing part of the contract drafting process. In the end, it makes sense for salespeople to have control over the elements negotiated with the customer. Thus, by relieving the legal department of this part, contractual negotiations are much faster and more efficient.

Above all, using a single interface is perfect for having an overview and managing signed contracts. The legal department can control access to individual customer contracts, control legal autonomy and create alerts on key deadlines or specific clauses.

A contract management tool limits contractual errors through standardized contract templates, automated approval processes, transparent discussions, and tracking of contracts in a few clicks.

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