Episode #21

[CLOC Conference Insights: Part 1] How in-house legal can support diversity initiatives

The value of diverse teams has been a hot topic over the last few years - with greater diversity offering faster and more innovative approaches to business, as well as a fairer environment for everyone to thrive. To date, the legal industry has been lagging when it comes to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. Yet, the unique position of in-house legal teams presents a great opportunity to influence positive change. This topic was very much front and centre at this year's CLOC conference in Las Vegas. Thankfully, legal ops expert Marie Widmer and Senior Legal & Business Operations Manager at Uber, Jonathan Johnson-Swagel, are open to sharing their insights from the event. In this first episode of a two-part series summarising the key learnings from CLOC, we’ll explore how Legal can influence diversity as well as support business initiatives to better measure and take responsibility for their diversity commitments.

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About our guest

Marie Widmer
Legal Ops Specialist
Formerly LinkedIn, Pinterest & Dapper Labs

Marie is a legal ops pro and legal tech enthusiastic who specializes in growing contract teams through the implementation and management of software, templates, and playbooks for contracting, compliance, and privacy functions. Based in the US, Marie has experience at larger companies such as LinkedIn and Pinterest as well as startups such as software company Dapper Labs. Marie has established herself as a forward-thinking and effective legal ops professional.

Jonathan Johnson-Swagel
Senior Legal and Business Operations Manager

Jonathan is an established legal operations professional. Now as the Senior Legal and Business Operations Manager at Uber, Jonathan manages an in-house team of legal professionals, structures core legal operations functions and leads department-wide programs and technologies. A primary focus has been the design and implementation of cutting-edge technology, systems, and process solutions.

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