Episode #6

How to prioritize wellness as an in-house lawyer

Working in-house with an ever-increasing workload and heightening pressure can be a little stressful. And yet, the more worried and run down we become, the less productive we can be. It's no secret that those who look after their wellbeing are better able to thrive in their careers - and deliver better business outcomes as a result. In this episode, we’re joined by lawyer and life coach Angela Han as we explore how to prioritize wellness to thrive in a more sustainable way when working in-house.

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Angela Han
Lawyer & Life Coach
HealthPRO Heritage

Angela Han is a lawyer and life coach. As an in-house lawyer herself, Angela is well placed to understand the dynamics of balancing all aspects of life with a challenging legal career. Over the years, Angela has worked and spoken with hundreds of lawyers to support them achieve their goals, overcome their challenges and prioritize their wellness. Angela is also Senior Corporate Counsel at HealthPRO Heritage.

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