Episode #7

How to tackle ESG as an in-house legal lawyer

The global climate crisis and biodiversity breakdown demands an entirely new way of doing business. And environmental, social and governance matters (or ESG) is fast becoming a hot topic for lawyers all over the world. ESG is not only an increasingly necessary requirement for our planet, but it’s also an opportunity for in-house lawyers to lead change in creating sustainable growth for their business. After all, sustainable business is smart business. This is why we’re delighted to have Christine Uri - Chief Legal and Sustainability Officer at ENGIE Impact - with us on the Legal Means Business podcast. Over her 15+ year career, Christine Uri has advised start-ups, technology companies, nonprofits and global enterprises. She has launched technologies, developed leadership programs, found new revenue streams and challenged organizations to always act in line with their values and purpose. Today, Christine helps us explore how in-house legal teams can think about and tackle ESG initiatives in their business - no matter the size of your legal team.

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Christine Uri
Chief Legal & Sustainability Officer
ENGIE Impact

Christine Uri is the Chief Sustainability and Legal Officer at ENGIE Impact - a company committed to accelerating the sustainability transformation. Christine built her in-house career over the last 8 years at ENGIE starting as Corporate Counsel, moving to General Counsel, and expanding her scope to include other executive leadership roles. In addition to leading a global legal team, Christine is currently responsible for the development and implementation of ENGIE Impact’s corporate sustainability strategy. She recently launched a series on LinkedIn under the hashtag #SustainableCounsel. The #Sustainable Counsel series is designed to help in-house counsel take a leading role on corporate sustainability.

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