Episode #8

Mistakes I made as a legal leader (and how to avoid them)

In-house legal leadership has a critical role to play for legal teams to create positive impact within a business. But taking on a leadership role can be more difficult than you might think. And, let’s be honest, most of us don’t like to dwell on our mistakes. But learning from times when we haven’t performed at our best is a hugely valuable resource to become better. Mark Kahn is an incredibly experienced lawyer, with in-house experience with the likes of WhatsApp, Yahoo and Segment. And having taken on important leadership roles during his career, Mark’s no stranger to the challenges that leadership responsibilities present. In fact, Mark has a very refreshing take on his past experiences. And in today’s conversation, he openly shares the mistakes he made as a legal leader - as well as how he went on the overcome them - and thrive, in future roles.

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Mark Kahn
Former GC & Lawyer
WhatsApp, Yahoo & Segment

With over two decades of legal experience, Mark Kahn has an impressive list of experience under his belt. With time as a GC or in-house lawyer at the likes of WhatsApp, Yahoo & Segment, and now as a Partner at Protégé Search, Mark has significant experience when it comes to legal matters. Yet, Mark has also held important leadership roles within these organizations from which he has learned a lot about the importance of good leadership to create more sustainable and thriving legal teams.

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