Episode #9

Designing legal processes for speed and autonomy

The tech industry moves fast. So setting up your legal function in a way that enables scale is absolutely critical. This means designing legal processes that are both fast and effective. This is exactly what Luke O’Leary is on a mission to achieve. Luke is the 'Legal Expert - Product & Strategy' at European fintech unicorn Qonto. And he believes that a key aspect of legal function scalability is in designing processes for quality, speed and autonomy.

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Luke O'Leary
Legal Expert - Product & Strategy

Luke is a trusted legal adviser with experience in London, New York & Paris. After almost a decade in private practice, Luke moved in-house to tech startup (now turned tech unicorn) Qonto. Luke takes a creative approach to complex problems and is an expert in creating business-friendly legal solutions. Luke now takes on a more specialised role focusing on Product and Strategy for the legal team.

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