Episode #19

How to design contracts that make sense

Contracts have been long, confusing (and boring) documents for too long now. This makes it difficult to identify and retain key information, or build strong, trusted business relationships. Verity White is the Founder and Chief Contract Enthusiast at Checklist Legal. She is a commercial lawyer turned legal innovation expert, with a passion for redesigning legal documents, contracts and processes to be easy to read, easy to use and, my favourite, jargon-free. When designed well, contracts present huge value for businesses. And thankfully, in this episode, Verity shares with us exactly how to go about redesigning your contracts.

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Verity White
Checklist Legal

Verity White is the founder and Chief Contract Enthusiast at Checklist Legal. Verity is an experienced commercial lawyer with a passion for simplifying legal information and expertise in re-designing contracts for automation, readability, and usability. Verity led Checklist Legal to be the first Australian law firm to receive the WriteMark plain language certification and the first law firm to present at Melbourne Design Week. Verity is also an Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne where she is teaching Contract Design for Automation and a member of the review board for the WCC Better Contract Design Mark. Verity is also the author of Create Contracts Clients Love, a fun journey through methods for designing delightful, automation-ready legal documents to save you time, delight clients, and elevate brand experience.

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