Episode #24

How to secure internal buy-in for a CLM solution

By now, there’s no denying the rise of legal tech in the in-house legal community. And the most popular category in legal tech is, of course, contract management solutions (or CLM for short). With Leeway offering a CLM platform, we can’t help but get excited about the huge potential of CLMs for in-house legal teams and their businesses. However, one challenge we’re often asked about by in-house lawyers and legal professionals is how to secure buy-in from the various stakeholders across the business. Thankfully, in this episode, we’re joined by the wonderful legal ops expert and legal tech enthusiastic, Marie Widmer. Marie has established herself as a forward-thinking and effective legal ops professional during her various in-house roles with the likes of LinkedIn, Pinterest and startup Dapper Labs. And having implemented numerous platforms, today Marie shares how to secure buy-in for your CLM from stakeholders across the business.

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About our guest

Marie Widmer
Legal Ops Specialist
Formerly LinkedIn, Pinterest & Dapper Labs

Marie is a legal ops pro and legal tech enthusiastic who specializes in growing contract teams through the implementation and management of software, templates, and playbooks for contracting, compliance, and privacy functions. Based in the US, Marie has experience at larger companies such as LinkedIn and Pinterest as well as startups such as software company Dapper Labs. Marie has established herself as a forward-thinking and effective legal ops professional.

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