Episode #26

Intrapreneurship for in-house legal professionals

Most people will agree that there’s a lot of room for improvement when it comes to in-house legal. And if we want to progress your legal team, your business or the industry more generally, we’re going to need to challenge conventional thinking. This means we need more in-house legal professionals to have an entrepreneurial spirit, to be activators of ideas and be willing to take calculated risks. You’ll know the term entrepreneurship, but what we need in the context of in-house legal, is intrapreneurship. This is when people think and act like entrepreneurs but from within a company. One person who’s especially passionate intrapreneurship for in-house legal is Joel Roy. Joel is a Legal Business Partner with pharma company Novartis and, in this episode, Joel shares how in-house legal professionals can adopt an intrapreneurial approach to deliver better outcomes AND build a more fulfilling career.

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Joel Roy
Legal Business Partner
Novartis Oncology

Joel has over 8 years of experience as a legal professional, both in-house and in private practice. Joel's "why" is to be a trusted business partner by providing quick, strategic and efficient legal advice aimed at building a strong foundation for success. Joel takes pride in designing innovative and disruptive business models that stay on the good side of current legislation while unleashing the true power of innovative technologies. Outside of all that, Joel is also a guitar player who loves to geek out on music gear, as well as a keen espresso, wheaten terrier and book lover.

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