Episode #16

Introducing Claustack: the all-new legal community


Contracts are broken. They’re too long, they kill deals, and they take up a whole load of time for the legal team, the business and counterparties. The result? The process is either super slow, the deal doesn’t get closed or the relationship becomes damaged. With Leeway being a contract management platform, our team hates to see this happening all too often. Contracts present real business value and they can open the doors to new opportunities. That’s why we, along with many others in the industry, were super excited to hear about the launch of a new legal community platform. Following on from the success of oneNDA, a community-led, standardized NDA initiative, Electra Japonas and her team decided to launch a platform where lawyers can come along to collaborate on creating common standards, sharing knowledge and accessing templates, for free. Enter Claustack. Let's find out more.

Electra Japonas

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