Episode #27

The rise of fun law

The words “fun” and “law” don’t often come in the same sentence. But what would it mean if we started weaving fun into the day-to-day of in-house legal? Sure, it might sound a bit flippant at first, but more and more studies are proving the value that a fun approach to tasks can have on the quality of the output and the fulfilment and sustainability of individuals and teams. Thankfully, in this episode, we’re joined by two advocates for fun law. Elizabeth de Stadler calls herself a rehabilitated lawyer and is now Founding Director of new-era legal consulting firm, Novcon. Elizabeth’s colleague Liezl Van Zyl is a communication designer and plain language enthusiast, and today they share what exactly is “fun law” as well as how in-house legal professionals can embed fun in their day-to-day.

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About our guest

Elizabeth de Stadler
Founding Director

Elizabeth calls herself a rehabilitated lawyer. She has been a litigator, a corporate lawyer, and a privacy and data protection specialist. Now, Elizabeth is a plain language fanatic and a humour researcher. Her mission is to help other lawyers rediscover their love of the law through fresh thinking so that the next generation can do better, feel better and create beautiful solutions to the world's challenges.

Liezl Van Zyl
Hey Plain Jane

Liezl van Zyl is an information designer who gets to play with colours and design and build documents that readers understand and want to use. She pushes the boundaries of legal communication, sneak legal design into the most mundane projects, ask stupid questions with open minds, and teach others to do the same.

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