Episide #17

The skill stack you need to be a modern GC


General Counsel isn’t the role it was 10 years ago. In fact, GCs now have the potential to add huge value to a business. And yet, they still tend to be an underutilized executive. So how can GCs take a step up? What skills are becoming increasingly important for in-house lawyers and GCs? This is what we’re exploring in this episode of Legal Means Business with Megan Lutes. Megan is the General Counsel AND the Chief HR Officer at fast-paced startup, Glowforge. Having worked both in law firms and in-house, and now taking on broader, not traditionally legal responsibilities, Megan is well placed to help us explore the skill stack you need to fulfill your potential as a modern GC.

Megan Lutes
General Counsel/CHRO

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