Ebook #4

The complete guide to improving the performance of your legal department

What will you learn into this ebook ?

So, how can we deliver a better quality service to our internal customers, faster and with fewer resources than before? Rest assured, solutions exist. Through this guide, we wanted to give you the tools you need to become more efficient and successful.

1. Define a strategic plan

A strategic plan enables the actions of the legal department to be aligned with the company's objectives. It must reflect the legal department's contribution to the results, help the legal department prioritize its actions and be in line with business logic.

2. Optimizing your resources

Effectiveness is the ability to achieve results. Efficiency is the ability to achieve the same results with a minimum of resources. In order to be efficient, a legal department must think about the distribution of its budget in order to optimize its resources.

3. Set performance indicators (KPI's)

KPI's allow a company to measure its own results, those of a department or even an employee. Recently, legal departments have started to implement them to improve their performance and better position themselves internally.

4. Outsourcing certain legal services

Even today, lawyers still perform a large number of manual tasks with little added value. The outsourcing of certain legal services (Legal Process Outsourcing or LPO in English) makes it possible to delegate this low-skilled workload to specialized companies.

5. Automation of low value-added tasks

Automation is coming to the forefront of the digitization movement. Indeed, the latest technological solutions that have appeared on the market today allow lawyers to drastically reduce the time spent on low added-value tasks.

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