Episode #1

How to develop your own leadership style as an in-house leader

One of the most important things that any in-house legal leader can do is craft their own leadership style. Why? Because it's a fundamental building block of operating a successful legal function. Without a well-understood leadership style that outlines how you want your team to interact with you and your expectations of them, scaling a function is nigh-on-impossible. This is why we invited Pierre Landy, a legal leadership pro, to help us explore how to build your own unique leadership style from scratch. In this episode, you'll learn why the traditional leadership approach is broken and how to build out your own leadership style, as well as Pierre's 5-step framework to establish your leadership style within your legal team.

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Pierre Landy
Legal Advisor
AndCo Law

Pierre has a wealth of insights and brings over 20 years of General Counsel experience having served as General Counsel for Ledger, Yahoo! Europe and Yahoo! France, and Walt Disney Studios. With experience in both the US and France, Pierre now spends his time mentoring General Counsels, legal teams, partners, associates, and members of the Legal community as well as senior leaders to help them grow their full individual and team potential to deliver outstanding legal services.

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