Episode #14

How legal teams can ace cross-functional collaboration


The obvious difference between working in-house and working in private practice is that in-house legal teams work INSIDE the company. And when you work INSIDE a company, you have to work well with other teams if you expect to know what’s going on and to best serve the needs of the business. But for a department that’s worked in silo for decades, and for highly talented professionals whose education generally focuses on technical skills, it’s not always easy for in-house lawyers to collaborate effectively with other teams. So, how can legal teams ace cross-functional collaboration? This is exactly what we’re exploring today with the wonderful Sarah Irwin. Sarah shares how the role of in-house legal has changed over recent years, as well as how in-house lawyers can embed cross-functional collaboration to improve the performance of their legal department and better enjoy their day-to-day roles.

Sarah Irwin
Tines logo Head Of Legal

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