Episode #18

How to carve your own legal career


What does a typical legal career look like? News flash. There is no strict career path anymore. There are now so many options for those with a legal background. Traditionally, legal professionals would start their careers in private practice. But now we’re seeing more and more in-house lawyers, legal ops consultants, legal recruiters, legal tech founders, legal content creators, and more. One person who’s a believer in following what feels right is the Head of Legal for APAC at eBay, Stephen Man. Stephen has experience working both in private practice and in-house at the likes of Uber and Yahoo, as well as over 16 years in leadership roles. Throughout his career, Stephen has been challenged to choose which career path is right for him. And there’s a lot that goes into these decisions. In this episode, Stephen shares how he’s made decisions throughout his career, as well as how you can carve your own legal career path.

Stephen Man
VP & Deputy General Counsel - Head of Legal APAC

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