[Trailer] The Legal Means Business Podcast

In this podcast series, we're joined by incredible guests who help us explore the roadmap to take your legal function and career to the next level. These talented and passionate legal professionals will be challenging the status quo and sharing share their tips and frameworks to keep you ahead of the game and thriving in the evolving in-house arena. Stay tuned for the first episode which is launching VERY soon. In the meantime, check out the trailer and please subscribe on your favorite podcast platform 🧡

Featured guests

About our guest

Pierre Landy
Legal Advisor
AndCo Law

Pierre has a wealth of insights and brings over 20 years of General Counsel experience having served as General Counsel for Ledger, Yahoo! Europe and Yahoo! France, and Walt Disney Studios. With experience in both the US and France, Pierre now spends his time mentoring General Counsels, legal teams, partners, associates, and members of the Legal community as well as senior leaders to help them grow their full individual and team potential to deliver outstanding legal services.

Marie Widmer
Legal Ops Specialist
Formerly LinkedIn, Pinterest & Dapper Labs

Marie is a legal ops pro and legal tech enthusiastic who specializes in growing contract teams through the implementation and management of software, templates, and playbooks for contracting, compliance, and privacy functions. Based in the US, Marie has experience at larger companies such as LinkedIn and Pinterest as well as startups such as software company Dapper Labs. Marie has established herself as a forward-thinking and effective legal ops professional.

Chad Aboud
General Counsel

Chad is an experienced General Counsel and advocate for building genuine relationships to unlock value in the legal industry. Based in Canada, Chad has a strong background in both private practice and in-house and he currently heads up the legal function, which he set up from scratch, at software company AudienceView.

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